Questioner: “… I am one who has pondered (and seen) [meaning a new convert] from Tunisia and I am in need of advice from you and direction regarding a number of issues. Are all of the opposers the offspring of fornication? What is the evidence for that? What is the ruling upon the one who sees (the truth) from amongst them?

Sheikh Yasir al-Habib: Glad tidings to you, and welcome to traversing upon the ship of deliverance, that which he who rides upon it will be delivered and he who holds back from it will drown (and be destroyed), and this is as our noble Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said. [As for the answer], legislatively, no (they are not), but as for a matter of fact, in reality, and topically, then yes. To use another expression, the opposers in the life of this world, their marriages are judged as valid. But as for the era of the emergence of the Mahdi, and in the Hereafter, their invalidity will become manifest. Hence, their children will consequently be the children of fornication and of slaves. The evidence for that is what has been related by al-Kulayni (upon him be mercy) with his chain from Abu Hamzah from Abu Ja’far al-Baaqir (alayhis salaam). Abu Hamzah said: I said to him, “Some of our associates (the Shia) fabricate and accuse those who oppose them.” He said, “Withholding from them is better.” Then he said, “By Allaah O Abu Hamzah, indeed all of mankind are the offspring of prostitutes (lewd women) with the exception of our Shia.” … (al-Kaafee 8/285).

And the meaning of the hadeeth is that Abu Hamzah al-Thimaalee (Allaah’s pleasure be upon him) informed our Imaam al-Baaqir (alayhis salaam) that some of the Shia accuse the opposers of fornication when they fall into severe (heated) argument with them or when they come across them in the fields. So he (alayhis salaam) said, “To withhold (from this) is better,” meaning to leave doing that is better, in terms of manners. Then he followed up to clarify the reality of the matter and said, swearing by Allaah, the Sublime that all of mankind, save the Shia, are the offpsring of prostitutes (i.e. lewd, unchaste women).